Clothing & Supplies: 

We ask you to bring the following items with your child(ren) to leave at the daycare and latchkey facility, 
so that if there are any accidents the child can be attended to properly. 
Please do not bring diaper bags due to limited space. 

1. A complete change of comfortable play clothes (weather appropriate). 
Including socks, undergarments, shoes, and/or belt. 

2. A sleeping bag, or a proper sized blanket for child to sleep on and cover with.

3. A box of facial tissues, and a box of baby wipes. They are to replaced by parents when necessary.

4. Diapers and/or Pull-ups, and are to be replaced by parents when necessary.

5. For infant and baby, bibs and bottles which are to taken home and cleaned daily, baby food, and milk/ formula.

*Please only bring what is listed and what can stay at the Daycare & Latchkey, 
and only bring items as needed due to limited space. 
If items need to be replaced and or sent home to be washed we will do so. Communication is key.

*There will be a late fee of $1.00 per day your child is without these items. 
You can check and see what your child needs or is missing, and bring it as soon as possible.